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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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recovery effort is still going on. we will be out here until we can definitely say that we have searched that entire structure and there are no more victims within it. >> is there a timeline you are looking at by tomorrow morning to say we are 100% done. >> it is going to take as long as it is going to take. we are not going to rush the process. we are going to maintain diligence and we respect the fact that there is potentially victims in there. so however long it takes for us to secure that warehouse we are going to take that time. but when we leave the scene, we will know and be able to tell everyone that we have searched that warehouse and there are no other victims within it. >> my question is to the do you look forward to the future and can you
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summarize what is in some of the documents to be released. there are additional pieces of evidence that are going to be reviewed such as video that show officers in the warehouse. based on what you have been able to see yourself and evaluate from your staff, do you believe that there was a systemic approach. >> i'm not prepared to draw conclusions from the history. we are still in the process of compiling it. but i will remind you that the responsibilities and duties of different city employees vary. police officers are not trained in zoning laws.
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>> clarification. i know (inaudible question) focusing some attention on a refrigerator that may have been the cause. >> i am feeling that state again that atf has been on the scene. really since the first day of the incident. they may have showed up early saturday. the investigation has been going on since that time. the investigation is still ongoing. there is no determination at this time of origin or cause to this fire. >> that wasn't my question. however i understood that before. are you looking into the possibility of the refrigerator may have had electrical problem that may have been possibly the cause? >> with all due respect, sir, i believe that question has been asked and has been answered to the best of its ability. i'm going to go ahead and move
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on. jeff, go right ahead. >> (inaudible question). >> why don't we have atf make their statement. >> good evening. i'm alexandria panera and the public information officer for the atf san francisco field division. at this time there has been no determination as far as the origin and cause for the fire. the investigation is still ongoing. when that information has been determined, atf will release that information. >> and the sheriff indicated the likelihood of a refrigerator being the cause. was that incorrect or how would you characterize it. >> we are considering all items within the building and
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structure and looking at all items and there hasn't been a determination made at this time. thank you. >> can you ask the director of planning why people didn't go back to the warehouse after the (inaudible) can you expand on that? >> we are providing public records and also providing some answers to frequently asked questions such as that one. now it is not my job to -- >> (inaudible question). >> it is not my job to second guess questions of an individual inspector but we can tell you the process for getting entry into the building if you are not invited, that you may not force entry into a building as the building inspector unless there are exigent circumstances as well
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as you being accompanied by a police officer. there is a process that you can get a court order and so we are going to be providing more information about that process but the routine procedure that was followed if you cannot gain entry to a building, you send a request to the owner requesting such entry and requesting an investigation and that request was in fact made. >> (inaudible question). >> this is the way i will answer that question. we actually, i have discussed this on a daily basis. i want to be perfectly clear as the mayor stated. we are trained for crimes but at the same time every time we
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go to a call, our policy is that we document everything. so if that needs -- so those documents depending on whatever call it is, it is documented in our system. having said that, the alameda county district attorney's office is the lead investigative agency and the maker has -- mayor has stated everything will be looked at. >> to the fire chief. how was that portion of the building powered. (inaudible) is there a single meter for the entire building or separate meters. >> i wouldn't have the details of those specific details to answer that question. all i know is that right now i can say at the night of the incident, p gand e was called out to the scene to secure the
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electrical. to turn it off. whether it was one panel or multiple panels, i do not have that information at this time. >> and that's well a good question that we will segue into it. i will update everybody that pg&e has restored power to this area. that is important to our community members. a lot of people without power for some time and affected our local residents. i did want to provide an update. may i move on and we will come back to you. may i move on to another question and i will come back to you. >> (inaudible question). >> oakland is a very creative and compassionate community and there are many vigils that the community has planned. both congresswoman lee and i was invited to a community planned vigil last night and so
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this is a grieving process that will be happening in the city for a long time. and as elected officials. it is our job to support and embrace the community led action so we can let this community grieve in the way it feels appropriate where the city will focus its efforts and taking pro active steps to improve safety for the community and to improve safety in a way that respects the creative community and the housing security issues in the city as well. >> you have been listening to oakland city leaders as well as federal officials update us on the recovery efforts there as that warehouse fire in oakland. we learned the sad news that 35 of the 36 victims have been identified and 30 family members have been notified
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about the loss of the loved ones during that massive fire. we learned that the city of oakland declaring a state of emergency to try to shore up more resources to help in the recovery efforts there. also something interest from mayor libby shaft. she says the city is making available all public records relating to that warehouse for the past 30 years. there is lots of questions about the warehouse. was it up to code? was it up to regulations. libby shaft says it was zoned for commercial space and not for living and holding parties. she said there was three complaints about the warehouse since 2005, one for construction without permits and another for materials blocking the front entrance way and a third to the vacant lot next door to the warehouse that was being used as a homeless area. the mayor said they are assembling a team to try to prevent future fires and to make sure that other warehouses with similar situations are safe and she said that city
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will provide more information on that tomorrow. they are going to be looking at the number of building inspectors, is it enough? is it enough to prevent something like this from happening again? thank you so much for continuing to follow us. we are going to take a short break and be right back.
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>> now to our top stories. the oakland fire chief has said it is a state of emergency for residence impacted by the fire
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and mayor shaft says public records on the warehouse for the past 30 years will be available on the city's website. tonight the death toll from the fire remains at 36 and authorities don't think they will find anymore bodies. they expect to have the building completely searched, at 90% right now and expect to have it completely searched later this evening. earlier family members were allowed behind police lines for a closer look at the burned outbuilding. counselors and an oakland police chaplain were on hand. >> we learned that 35 of the 36 victims have been positively identified and that 30 of the families have been notified. and these right here are some of the faces that tied. many were artists and writers and musicians by profession or aspiration. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. obviously a lot of questions still out there surrounding the man that ran the ghost ship artist collective. his name is derick almena and
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he was the principle tenant renting the warehouse. >> he also sublet space to as many as 20 people that lived there. >> the ghost ship warehouse was not only derick almena's home. he ran two businesses inside. the first floor was where people lived and confirmed fire survivors and tenants said they paid to live in the warehouse. >> i live there. i wasn't -- the party was on the second floor. i wasn't at the party. i was -- i lived in the back and i was sleeping when the fire broke out. >> carmen burrito paid her rent in cash. and paid another resident who collected the rent. a source wishing to remain anonymous provided ktvu a rental agreement and these receipts from rents collected from three different ghost ship tenants. it is a month-to-month list and the manager is sacka uga.
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the name given to the musicians that lived at the warehouse. everybody agreed to pay represent in cash only. if it is late the tenant must pay a $450 rent pay. the rent varied. two tenants paid $300 and kelly shown on the today show paid $565 on november 21st. our source says that derick almena deposited the cash rental payments to a bank of america account for the property owner tour ing. >> this morning on the today show derick almena deflected questions about whether he should be held responsible for the unsafe living conditions inside the warehouse. >> did i know there was going to be a fire and did i remove my children because i wanted to avoid this and cast blame on other people? no. i wanted to get a good night's sleep. i let the young people do what they needed to do. i'm not going to answer the
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questions the way you are presenting them. >> it was primarily a venue and the second floor was accessed by one make shift staircase. one business asked not to be identified but said it rented out the space three years ago. it paid a flat rate rent directly to derick almena and it was up to the business to run the event. any money collected or sales made inside went directly to the business and nothing else was shared with sacka uga. in oakland ktvu fox 2 news. u caring has a place to donate money to the victims and the public has dug deep to help. it has brought in more than $830,000 the last time we checked. the oakland athletics and the raiders joined forces to raise $150,000 of that total. the president of u caring says most of those donations are
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smaller. >> it is incredible to see everybody rallying together and we are trying to use grassroots philanthropy and help individuals in need. >> unlike some other sites u caring does not take a percentage of the money raised but there is a credit card fee. the website is supported through donations. >> the lead city for the bay area band green bay posted this. billy joe armstrong posted this picture of candles and flowers. he said he lived in places like the ghost ship and he said this tragedy hits close to all of our hearts. an please do what you can to heal this loss. >> let's take care of each other. on you will find more including the latest news conference and we have updates on facebook and twitter and our ktvu mobile app.
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and it's going to be a cold night. vacaville and vallejo and parts of the napa valley. below freezing for a number of hours. if you just see an hour of 32- degree weather it is not a real devastating thing to plant as is if you were to see two or three hours of freezing temperatures. it will be cold. look for frost in many bay area neighborhoods and hayward and out in some of the nooks and crannies. overnight lows will be down there and these are the temperatures right now and it is cold. it is already down to 45. it is not going to take much to drop the temperatures. dew points are in the low 30s and that's where temperatures will fall in the low 30s. there's the freeze warning. bay area frost and the freeze
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warning represented by the blue to the vallejo black point area. the cool air filtering in. a lot of cold air diving down the side of the sierra from an artic low and that cool air is bleeding back in the truckee area and reno and the central valley, a freeze warning for sacramento and davis and fresno. around the bay and that means places like redwood city and san jose and mountain view, you will see temperatures in the 30s. and then inland you can see as low as 28 degrees. one of the coldest nights we have seen all season. definitely wanted to make sure you take care of the pets and the homeless folks if they can go to shelters it will be great. overnight lows in san jose will be cool. the clouds move in and the showers. tomorrow night after cold. tomorrow afternoon, showers move in, thursday morning's commute wet, thursday afternoon's commute wet.
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friday morning's commute probably scattered showers. and as we head to the weekend, a little bit of clearing with more scattered showers. what is going on. colder tomorrow and clouds increase and rain starts tomorrow late in the commute and you can see it in the forecast and the sweet spot for the storm is thursday right now and that is when it is going off. it will be dicey in terms of commuting and in the mountains too. winter storm warning will go in effect. still to come here. the cal bears taking on princeton. >> jason will tell us how they did next in sports.
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jason here for sports and what more can you say about the raiders. >> it is rare. 14 years since we are talking about a real meaningful game this late in the season. this could very well be the biggest thursday night match-up ever, the raiders at the 9 and 3 chiefs first place in the afc west. two of the best teams the raiders have won six straight. listen to this, the chiefs have won 20 of the last 24 games when you go back to last year and derrick carr has not had much success against them. he won as a rookie in 2014 but since then carr and the raiders have lost four straight to the kansas city chiefs. >> to be honest it is a ground
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hog day thing. everyone asks, they beat you this many times and these things and all of that and like when i'm preparing for these guys it never goes through my head. that stuff never has a determining factor on anything i write down and anything that goes on in my brain. so i just prepare for them just like i do any other game. >> all right. the raiders will clench a playoff spot with a win and denver or miami loses so you know we are just what, 12 games into the season here and the raiders are already talking about the playoffs, wow. much different story going on. 40 miles south down in santa clara where the 9ers have lost a franchise record, 11 straight games collin kaepernick playing in a chicago snowstorm. he made history sunday and not in a good way. kaepernick became the first quarterback in nfl history to be sacked more times than passing yards. cap was sacked five times and threw for four years and then
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he got benched for gabbard. they are back home versus the new york jets looking to turn the page. sunday was a step backwards. we have to give back on track this week and have to put the work in and make sure everybody is prepared and the mindset is right and move on to new york. and the 49ers, their offensive coordinator announced that kaepernick will indeed start sunday against the jets and there was a report sunday morning that he planned to avoid the final year of his contract and become a free agent after the season but kaepernick said today he has not made that decision yet and he won decide until after the season. college hoops, gorgeous gym, something out of hoosiers. cal versus princeton and the pearl harbor invitational. charlie moore this freshman can play. drivers to the hoop and go glass with it. he had 15 points. cal goes on a 20- 9 run.
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reverse layup to jabari byrd he was huge, 13 points, 8 rebounds and cal wins 62-51 and 7 and 1 and they play seton hall tomorrow. magical night last night at oracle. definitely worth another look. clay thompson was in an absolute zone. first major in nba history to score 60 points in less than 30 minutes. he was hitting from everywhere on the court. he had 8, three pointers and here is the stat. i just couldn't believe when i saw it. clay took only 11 dribbles all night. yeah, he held the ball for 88 seconds. it was a clinic and moving without the ball and passing, 20 of his 21 buckets came by the assist and his teammates have as much fun feeding him the ball and this is funny, joe lake, the owner had one important question for clay
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thompson. >> clay, i have one question. would you accept this rose? >> appreciate that. >> this man, 37 points. i hope he makes up for it. >> great job. >> appreciate it. >> yeah, just a great night at oracle. the raiders have one of the best punter funny guy. marquette white got a first down for the raiders and look what he does. he can't pick up the flag. that's the thing, he does a dance and throws it down and got a penalty and laughed about it because it was in garbage time. he tweeted this photo out. points and a player complained about him. when you 10-2 and having a good time. it is all fun and games. >> he is a character. >> and the raiders first place. >> joe, thank you. see you later. see everybody on ktvu plus.
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awkward silence. sheldon on his phone. no touching. somebody's having date night. it's actually steamier than it looks. sheldon's looking up the phallic symbolism of root vegetables in renaissance paintings. oh, no, i got bored with that. i'm just browsing cuticle scissors on amazon. how do you not tear off his clothes and take him right here on this table? if you do that, i'll scream. sheldon, i have some exciting news to tell you. that makes two of us. my new cuticle scissors will be here in one to two business days. come on, one. i've been invited to consult on an experiment at your university for a few months. isn't that great? we could have lunch together. we could carpool. you know, riding with leonard has gotten a little tedious lately. th-the only car game he ever wants to play is the quiet game.


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